Life Lesson : Robbery

Yesterday, my car along with no less than 7 others was broken into in my neighborhood. The entire day was filled cancelling credit cards, reporting the crime and starting a police report, and feeling seriously stupid for leaving my purse in my car overnight with my wallet tucked inside. Sure, we explained to the kids… [Continue Reading]


Making The Time

I find myself at a loss for time a lot. A Lot. As in, I sometimes have to SCHEDULE showers. I honestly thought the days with babies were rough, and mama’s with babies and toddlers, those of us “older” parents who tell you it will be easier to schedule these things? I totally give you… [Continue Reading]



Today was a milestone day. These come around, and leave you with a Monday morning quarter back kind of woulda, coulda, shoulda, wonderment – but in reality, when you start to realize that everything happens the way it is supposed to, there is a bit of relief as you realize the sweetness of what was… [Continue Reading]


Back-To-School Milestones

Raising Independence The term Raising Cain changed a lot from when I was a crazy teen compared to what it means as an adult mom of a preteen. So much has changed in me from baby-hood, to toddlerhood to now. I understand the helicopter parents and their drive for keeping their kids safe, it is… [Continue Reading]

ISilhouetted bicycle rider by arztsamui

Friendships – A Learning Curve

The Learning Curve We know as parents that there will be late nights, worried phone calls, extensive and often stressful “discussions” as a family and lots of lessons to impart. The truth is, these “lessons” or “Come To Jesus” meetings in my house (forgive me) are often the breeding grounds for fantastic conversations. We all… [Continue Reading]